Marketing Services 70 Ideas To Discuss

Online Advertising

01.  Build or Rebuild a Website
02. Build a campaign specific mini-website for your business
03. Create Text Ads using Google Adwords
04. Display advertising (banner ads, video ads)
05.  Programming Ads(serving your ad to an individual on their smartphones at just the right time, when they are in just the right geographical location)
06. Organic Search Engine Optimisation
07. Improve Google Locations
08. Email Marketing
09. SPAM (unsolicited email is illegal in many countries)
10. Online Directories (eg YellowPages online and country-wide business directories)
11. White papers / e-books
12. Blogging
13. Facebook Page
14. Linked In
15. Experiment with other sites like  Pinterest etc
16. Contribute to Special interest forums (eg Google Groups)


17. In-Person Cold Calling
18. Telemarketing
19. Participate in Networking groups (eg Chamber of Commerce, BNI)

Public Relations

20. Distribute press releases (for print & online publication)
21. Or Contact Journalists/Reporters directly with something newsworthy

Outdoor Advertising

22. Billboards
23. Digital / Video Billboards
24. Bus shelters
25. Bus backs
26. Truck sides
27. Car signage
28. Outdoor signage on your building
29. Miniture Billboards
30. Posters
31. Free standing displays in shopping malls
32. Hot air balloons / blimps
33. Paint a sports field with your logo
34. Burn your logo onto the side of a mountain (check with the local council for permission first)

SMS text messaging

35. SMS text messaging to your clients
36. SMS text messaging to numbers you scrape from websites or directories

Guerrilla Advertising / Alternative Advertising / Stealth Marketing

37. PR stunts
38. Word of mouth
39. Viral (video, email, postcards, CD’s)
40. Legal graphitti
41. Chalk on the sidewalk
42. Logos in the snow/sand
43. Flyers under car windscreen wipers
44. Video projection onto side of building
45. Night-time shop window video or laser light show
46. Sponsored humans (to tattoo your brand on their forehead, or, not quite as exciting, wear a branded t-shirt)


47. Sponsor a sports teams T-shirts
48. Sponsor a community event or non-profit organisation

Branded Objects

49. Branded Pens, Coffee cups, T-shirts, bags, clocks etc

Public Demonstrations

50. Set up in shopping malls (or in the supermarket)


51. Seminars

Trade shows & Expos

52. Exhibiting at Trade Shows and Expos 

TV Advertising

53. 15/30 second Television Advertisements
54. INFOmercials 
55. TV Programme Sponsorship
56. Television Interviews

Newspaper Advertising

57. Regional Community Newspaper – freely distributed
58. Regional Daily Newspaper
59. National Daily Newspaper

Radio Advertising

60. Radio Ads 
61. Radio Interviews

Cinema Advertising

62. Pre-movie Advertisements
63. In Movie Product Placement


64. Mail Subscriptions
65. Direct Mail / Address Mailed Un-addressed PO Box Mail Drop – Flyers/Postcards
66. Un-addressed Residential Mail Drop – Flyers/Postcards

Magazine Advertising

67. Gossip style Magazines (eg New Look)
68. Industry Specific Magazines (eg Topic Specific)

Printed Directories

69. YellowPages
70. Local Directory