A little History Lesson

from small acorns did big trees grow….

Peter Diante:
Started out 25 years ago as an IT Professional and Business consultant gaining experience with the IDM (Institute of Direct Marketing) and was an early adopter of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). He worked within Government designing and developing Websites and working with Marketing & Advertising teams, placing strategies at the forefront of what he did

After a few years working as an editor and worldwide publisher of a successful magazine, Peter embarked on a years of successful marketing campaign with a major record company promoting recording artists latest releases on Warner Bros., BMG, Arista and what was EMI records. This led to a business meeting in 1995 where Simon brought his immense skillsets to the table. After a successful promotional stint in New York, Peter returned to the UK.

Peter  then went on to produce documentary shows for MTV and VH1 where our expertise was utilised to great effect. During the 90’s we were sought after as a team for the ability to put projects together successfully and sometimes with very little time to plan.

Peter launched a modelling agency, where we succeeded in launching unknown faces to the catwalk and also to Fashion Photography. His creative eye is something that will be an asset to any organisation with what can only be described as extraordinary vision with vibrant energy and infectious enthusiasm

Peter continued his career working in IT and business consultancy and has continued to work in the media, being responsible for successful campaigns, including launching careers for the stars of TV, working with Channel 4 & a number of celebrities and both American and British stars in the music industry.

Supporting Warner Bros, EMI and BMG with their recording artists and promotional activities also helped Peter further where he then began a career working for Apple and helping launch the iPhone into the UK

Today we can use our industry knowledge and media contacts to work for our clients.

If you have a campaign and you want to get off the ground, then call us for a chat. Our enthusiasm is as infectious as is our desire for results and we love sparking ideas…